Our Work

Innovation as a driver for our
future development.

Innovation is an essential element of our working culture. Creating value for our customers and discovering new therapies and medical applications our development and growth are a function of our ability to innovate.

Hope - Millions of Indians suffering from Parkinson_s disease now have access to new treatments


Now within the reach millions of Indians fighting against Parkinson Disease.
Trust - In India, a trusted drug delivery innovation technology has become a milestone in the treatment of Parkinson's disease


Trusted drug delivery innovative technique a milestone in the treatment of Parkinson Disease now in India.
Our Work - We believe in improving the quality of life for patients with Parkinson_s disease and other neurological disorders


We believe in quality of life for people suffering from Parkinsons and other Neurological diseases.
Faith - Our objective, in association with the medical community, is to make a low-cost, patient-friendly drug delivery system for Parkinson_s disease available to every Indian


In association with the medical community, our faith is to bring cost effective patient friendly drug delivery system in Parkinson disease accessible to every Indian.